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Laura was meticulous and every time we met came out with a definitive list of what needed to happen next and who would be responsible for what.

Having Laura there on the day meant that we could just relax and enjoy ourselves, knowing that everything would be taken care of. As I can be a bit of a control freak at times, I thought it might be hard to let someone else take the reins but going through the planning process with Laura made me feel very comfortable that she would take care of everything. –  Jo and Andy


Laura, Laura, Laura… where do I start?

Just sending you a quick email to say a huge, heartfelt effort for coordinating my dream wedding to perfection.  I loved seeing you walk past the car as we pulled up. You looked so relaxed and confident, the streamers were in the trees, the sun was shining… at that point I knew it was all going to be ok.

You were a quiet presence, very professional and calm… even when you were having the electricity issue! (Which I barely noticed). And if anything else didn't quite go to plan (like the ceremony music- again I had no idea until you told me), you dealt with it brilliantly.

The barn set-up was STUNNING, everything was in the right place at the right time, I literally can't fault a thing. – Sama and Paul



Laura provided an assistant the day before to help with set up, we wouldn’t even have had time to stop for lunch without her! She also provided all sorts of emergency items on the day from a bell for the master of ceremonies to avoid shouting to a full dress repair kit when the bustle failed on me! She was always super organized, quick and easy to get hold of, even remembering to ring to check hair trials etc had worked out prior to the wedding. We had a totally DIY wedding, which was lovely and personal but could  also have been very stressful.  On the day Laura took away all of that stress meaning we could relax and enjoy the day, without any worries of dealing with little hiccups or suppliers at all. She was discreet and relaxed, meaning everyone around her worked in a really happy, relaxed yet efficient way. It really made our wedding day and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura to anyone else. – Emma and Luke


Firstly, thank you so much once again for making our wedding possible! We just simply could not have done it just how we wanted to without you, you truly were the final puzzle piece making it all complete. Being able to trust in your expertise and judgment made everything a lot easier! - Laura and Neil.

Thank you for all your incredible work for our wedding! From the blankets over the hay bales, to the setting up of the tables, to the perfect timing for the entrance music, to moving chairs, ensuring the timings of the day went to plan, laying out the cake table and much much more we couldn't believe how well it all went and how hard you worked to coordinate everything! Thank you for making sure everyone got their button holes and making up one for Nick (the last one turned up yesterday in a box bizarrely!) and for all the behind the scenes action that we weren't aware of on the day! People commented on how smoothly it all went and that is definitely down to you.

It was a pleasure working with you and we had the most wonderful day. – Jessica and Sean.

Laura was friendly and helpful; whenever I had any logistical questions she knew the answer straight off. Having worked on many weddings (before videos I was in a wedding band), I have always championed the idea of having a planner or coordinator there. I’ve seen the difference to the bride/bridesmaids/family a) logistical involvement and b) stress levels when nobody on the day plays this role. Laura was fantastic at ensuring that the day ran smoothly and that the bride did not need to be logistically involved. I would definitely recommend her services again –  Joe, Videographer.  



Laura was on hand throughout the day in a very un-intrusive way. Her quiet and professional manor working away in the background always gave a calm atmosphere and a feeling of security that everything was running exactly as planned. Laura was flexible and offered solutions, not problems. She was polite and confident and I would be very happy to work with her again in future. - Chris, Photographer 


As the reception was being hosted at home, Emma & Luke very cleverly hired a wedding planner to co-ordinate the day. This was the first time I’d worked with Laura Jayne of Your Wedding,Your Way and can wholeheartedly recommend her. Couples please note: hiring a planner takes a huge amount of stress out of your wedding allowing you to relax and enjoy the biggest day of your life without worrying about how the caterers are doing or what time the band will arrive to set-up. Laura’s also pretty good at emergency dress repair and saved the day when Emma’s hook-up became detached. - Dominic Whitten, Photographer

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