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Having a marquee wedding at home? Need someone to make sure you or your family aren't running in and out of the house all day and are actually able to relax and enjoy the celebrations? Our diamond service is most probably the service for you. It includes everything you need to make sure you have the least stressful day possible, right up until you need to close the marquee down and make sure everything is secure.

With multiple planning support sessions included, including one in person, this will make sure you are fully equipped to plan your perfect day with plenty of support along the way. 

When the time comes, we'll be there to assist with set up and then on the day, you will be able to relax, safe in the knowledge that you have a capable pair of hands taking care of everything behind the scenes. 

What's involved?


How to book


Get planning 

4-6 weeks before your wedding...

Finalise and hand over 

The day of your wedding...

Relax and enjoy it! 

  • Make an enquiry

  • Schedule a phone consultation

  • Chat about your plans and how I can help

  • Receive a detailed proposal 

  • Get contracts signed and deposit paid and we're all set!

  • You plan your wedding, your way 

  • When you want a little additional guidance, book first your planning support session

  • Get your questions answered, your plans looked over, ideas for remaining suppliers and the support you need to plan the most wonderful day 

  • You have a second planning support session included and this one is in person so when you feel you need your plans going over again or have maybe got stuck somewhere along the line, let's get a date in the diary to meet and we can get you right back on track. 


  • Continue planning your wedding, your way 

  • Book in your wedding update meeting, preferably at your wedding venue

  • We'll sit down and go through all your plans with a fine tooth comb and tie up any loose ends

  • We will then compile your timeline and paperwork, communicate with suppliers and make sure all details are sured up


  • The day before your wedding, I'll come down to your venue to help set up for 4-6 hours. This is a great opportunity to handover any last minute to dos for the morning or update me on any changes to the guest list or plans. We can get as much as possible set up in advance and it's also a really nice opportunity for me to meet some of the key players in your day, your family and bridal party, if they're there! You can show me where any items that need to be set up in the morning have been left and let me know anything else that is on your mind that you need to handover to be able to relax

  • On the day of your wedding, we’ll be there from 9am to make sure everything is set up as you envisioned, be the main contact for all suppliers and provide them with any support they need, handle any unexpected issues and be around to make sure you both have everything you need and everything goes smoothly. 

  • We'll be there right up until midnight to make sure everything is left in the right places, we can close everything down so you can just head off to bed without having to worry. 

What our clients say...

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