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What is Humanism?

Humanists are people who shape their own lives in the here and now, because we believe it’s the only life we have. We make sense of the world through logic, reason, and evidence, and always seek to treat those around us with warmth, understanding, and respect.

Throughout recorded history there have been non-religious people who have believed that this life is the only life we have, that the universe is a natural phenomenon with no supernatural side, and that we can live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity. 

Today, people who share these beliefs and values are called humanists and this combination of attitudes is called Humanism. Many millions of people in the UK share this way of living and of looking at the world. But many of them have not heard the word ‘humanist’ and don’t realise that it describes what they believe.

Humanist ceremonies

Ceremony and ritual is an important way to give shape to our lives. A ceremony marks a significant moment with a special, meaningful celebration. They are a break from our daily routines — an opportunity to pause, breathe, and reflect on what’s important.

Humanist Ceremonies™ is a network of celebrants — all trained, accredited, insured, and quality-assured by Humanists UK. Humanist celebrants have been conducting namings, weddings and funerals for over 120 years.

As a wedding celebrant I will help you create your own ceremony. Amongst your guests there are likely to be people of different faiths and of none. I will make sure that everyone present feels comfortable and included.

The focus of your humanist wedding will be on the two of you and your relationship and what you value. Underpinning it all will be the humanist view of long-term partnerships as being strongest when built upon support, equality and honesty. 

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